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We're sad to hear you want a refund. Please read the information carefully below before submitting your refund request.

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    We will revoke your access to the Ebook and you will no longer be able to open the files even if you downloaded them.

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    You will no longer receive exclusive monthly updates for the latest Instagram tricks, tips and growth methods. 

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    You will lose FREE access to the TikTok Growth Ebook (available soon - $49 value).

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    Your purchase must have been made within the 30 day allotted refund period.

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    Please allow up to 72 hours for us to process your refund request.

To request your refund, simply email Stephen@startbeingcreative.com and include your name, email and order number. We'd also appreciate it if you could let us know the reason for your refund request. We worked really hard to put this book together and we're always looking for ways to improve the Ebook!

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