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Chapter Overview

Chapter 1 - Mastering Instagram Fundamentals for Growth in 2021

1. Preface
2. Instagram Expectations vs. Reality
3. The Mindset You MUST Have to Succeed
4. Popular Tools Used by Influencers
5. Crafting the Ultimate Instagram Look
6. Content Creation for Instagram
7. Content 101 – Examples and Theories
8. How to Create the Perfect Post


Chapter 2 – How to Create an Instagram for Exponential Growth

1. Preface
2. Choosing the Best Account Type and Niche
3. Tips and Tricks for Creating Your Account
4. Optimizing Your Instagram for Growth
5. Do You Use a Creator or Business Account?
6. Understanding Analytics for Growth
7. Best Tools for Analytics in 2021


Chapter 3 – Decoding Instagram's Algorithm (Secrets You Should Know)

1. The “MYSTERIOUS” Algorithm
2. How the Algorithm Works
3. Machine Learning
4. Could and Should Functions
5. Account Embedding
6. Candidates
7. Selecting and Ranking Relevant Candidates
8. Understanding Weighted Metrics
9. How to "Beat" the Algorithm in 2021
10. Shadow Banning – The Truth No One Knows


Chapter 4 – How to Successfully Create Viral Content on Instagram

1. Exposure and How to Get the Right Followers
2. Deconstructing Viral Posts
3. How to Easily Find Viral Worthy Content
4. Competitor Analyses for Viral Content
5. Making Viral Content as a Content Creator


Chapter 5 – How to Grow a Following (Without Cheating)

1. Mastering the Explore Page
2. Distillation Model - 3 Part Ranking Funnel
3. Understanding Hashtags
4. Hashtag Details and Common Misconceptions
5. The Hashtag Method Everyone Teaches That Doesn’t Work


Chapter 6Hashtag Tips, Tricks and Best Methods for Growth in 2021

1. The ONLY Working Hashtag Strategy for 2021
2. Case Study: 12k – 500k Followers in 3 Days
3. Hashtag Research Strategy Part 1
4. Hashtag Research Strategy Part 2
5. Implementing Hashtags for Instagram Growth
6. The “Notice Me” Strategy
7. Should You Pay to Play?


Chapter 7 – Instagram Reels

1. Instagram Reels - A Game Changer
2. Bytedance (TikTok's) Algorithm
3. The Instagram Reel's Algorithm
4. How to Create the Perfect Reel
5. Going Viral Using Instagram Reels
6. Reel Tips, Tricks & Best Practices


Chapter 8 – Advanced Growth Techniques - White Hat Methods

1. Growing with Instagram Power Likes
2. FLC Method (Used by Influencers)**
3. S4S Growth Method
4. Instagram Outreach and Community Building
5. Instagram Takeovers Tricks
6. Instagram Stories Growth Hacks
7. How to Succeed with Instagram Giveaways
8. How to Cross-Promote for Followers


Chapter 9 – Grey Hat Artificial Engagement Groups

1. Preface – We Won’t Judge You
2. Engagement Groups for Growth
3. Elite Telegram Group Secrets
4. How to Find the Best Telegram Groups


Chapter 10 – How to Cheat and Get Followers (Warning: Be Careful)

1. C&M Accounts - 2021’s Most Popular Strategy
2. C&M Account Creation Process
3. Automation Bots - Full Strategy Intro
4. How to Succeed with Automation in 2021
5. Personal Accounts Automation
6. Feature Accounts Automation
7. Business Accounts Automation
8. New Account Settings Automation
9. Tips and Additional Details for Automation


Chapter 11 – Buying Your Way To a Massive Following

1. Buying Engagement (Comments, Likes, Views)
2. Buying Instagram Mentions
3. Buying Shout-Outs for Growth
4. Inside an Instagram Bot Farm
5. Buying Fake Followers
6. Advertising Secrets (Get Followers for $0.01)


Chapter 12 – The 180 Degree Method: Fast-track Organic Growth

1. Understanding Why This Method Works so Well
2. How to Get 10K Followers in 1 Month
3. Going from 10K to 100K Followers
4. 180 Degree - Final Steps


Chapter 13 – Making Money on Instagram

1. Monetization Expectations vs Reality
2. Understanding your Net Worth
3. The Right Way to Advertise
4. Brand Ambassadorships and Collaborations
5. Sponsored Posts and Paid Brand Deals
6. Shout-outs and Paid Features
7. The Best Paid Influencer Platforms
8. Selling Online Services (Presets, Courses, Photos and More)
9. E-commerce (Dropshipping, POD, Private Label, OEM and FBA)
10. Sell your Own Products to Generate a Viable Source of Income
11. Affiliate Marketing (Amazon, ClickBank, CPAs)
12. Leverage Instagram to Start Freelancing


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Book Synopsis

Full Summary

Dive deep into the world of social media and learn what it takes for influencers, entrepreneurs and marketers to rapidly grow a following and build their brand. Discover their best-kept secrets for organic growth and exposure!

This book deconstructs exactly HOW the world’s top influencers and social media experts achieved their goals and translates into relevant, strategic and actionable advice.

We leave no stone unturned. You’ll learn methods that abide by Instagram’s terms and conditions and you’ll learn methods that are bound to lead to account banning. It is our belief that the more you know, the better-informed decisions you can make.

Everybody Lies: Instagram Growth, Monetization, and What the Influencers and Social Media Experts Conveniently Forget to Tell You is a book that reveals exactly what it takes to become successful online and on Instagram.

We’ll cover topics that include:

How to Successfully Accelerate Growth: Learn how to create viral, stunning content that your followers will love and discover unique tactics that you can use to accelerate your Instagram growth.

Decoding Instagram’s Algorithms in 2021: We break down Instagram’s advanced algorithms and we make it easy to understand. We show you how to rank for hashtags, dominate the explore page and gain followers by revealing Instagram’s secrets!

Using Advanced Instagram Techniques: Learn the latest growth trends for 2021 and how to effectively implement these strategies to get the results you want. Discover legitimate growth techniques and methods that will result in account banning and/or deletion.

How to Make Money on Instagram: We provide the necessary tools to take your business ideas to the next level and achieve incredible success. Learn how to build your account with real and engaged followers that will happily buy whatever you’re selling. We reveal several ways for you to monetize and make money doing the things you love.

How to Go Viral with Instagram Reels: Learn how you can increase exposure, reach millions of new people and rapidly grow your following with this brand new feature! We'll dive into TikTok, the Reel's algorithm & more.

We'll answer questions like: Can you grow an organic following in 2021? Can you cheat Instagram growth and beat the algorithm? Is it possible to consistently create viral content? What are the secret growth strategies? How many people buy followers? How much money do influencers really make?

If you have a dream, idea, passion or business, this is the book for you! It’s the perfect way to help you achieve incredible success with practical, specific and realistic advice. Download it today with a 100% money back guarantee!


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